FAQs - UB40 at Holkham Hall


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FAQs - UB40 at Holkham Hall

2017 Outdoor Concert in Holkham Park UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue Sunday 27th August

Frequently Asked Questions Updated 11th August 2017

Before the concert

Where will I find information?

Important information will be published on the Holkham Estate website: https://www.holkham.co.uk/events/open-air-concerts/ub40-featuring-ali-campbell-astro-mickey-virtu-faqs-2017

The Frequently Asked Questions section will be regularly updated. We advise that you look at this page periodically to remind yourselves of the updated information for the concert and in particular prior to travelling on the day to ensure you enjoy your evening. Please note that the venue/organisers/promoters reserve the right to change or amend these details due to any reasons beyond their control.


What are the terms and conditions of ticketing? Please see the terms and conditions on the ticketing website you have purchased your tickets from.

Will there be a box office collection point on the day? There will be a box office in the south park which will be open at 3.30pm. Any tickets that have been purchased in advance and not received can be picked up from this point.

How many tickets are available? 10,000 tickets in total. There is capacity for the Platinum Enclosure of 3,000.

Where can I buy tickets for disabled people? Tickets for people with disabilities are available from Ticketmaster only. Please call Ticketmaster’s Accessibility Line on 0800 988 4440.

Can I buy tickets on the night? Tickets will be available on the night from the point of entry. This will be cash only.

Are there children’s tickets? There will be no children’s tickets (concessions) available. Children under the age of 5 will be admitted free of charge although please bear in mind the suitability of bringing children under 5 years to this event.

Can I have a refund or exchange on my tickets? We regret that we cannot exchange, refund or transfer tickets unless the event in question has been cancelled or rescheduled. This is part of the purchase policy you agree to when purchasing the ticket(s).

What do I do if my tickets are lost or stolen? Please contact the ticket agent you purchased your tickets from.

Is there a VIP area? There will not be a VIP area, however customers who have purchased Platinum Enclosure tickets will have an unrestricted view of the stage and access to a bar and the catering concessions. The maximum number of Platinum Enclosure tickets to be sold will be 3,000.

Is there a covered area? There is no covered area. The event is held in the parkland.

Will we get a refund if it rains? The concert will not be cancelled if it rains. Please note tickets are non-refundable.

Travelling to the concert

Setting off

The roads into and out of the local area will be busy due to the volume of traffic experienced on a bank holiday weekend and an increase of traffic for the concert. Please allow extra time for your journey.

What time will the gates be open for the concert? The gates will be open at 3.30pm.

Which gate do we use on the night of the concert?

  • All vehicles except taxis and drop offs - Concert-goers will be able to access the park via the south gates at New Holkham village following signs for the concert. Visit the Holkham Estate website: https://www.holkham.co.uk/visiting/details/how-to-find-us on how to get to the south gates of Holkham park. SAT NAV NR23 1RU.
  • Taxis, Drop Offs/Pick Ups ONLY - Taxis and vehicles dropping off and picking up passengers at the event should use the north gates entrance to Holkham park via the A149, Park Road/The Victoria Inn entrance. You should proceed to the Estate Office Parking area, to drop off your passengers. Marshals will be on duty to direct your vehicle which must then exit via the same route. When returning to pick up, taxis and vehicles picking up should proceed to the Estate Office Parking area, park your vehicle and wait for your customers/party. To avoid congestion for traffic leaving the concert, you should arrive no later than 10pm. Visit the Holkham Estate website: https://www.holkham.co.uk/visiting/details/how-to-find-us for details on how to get to the north gates of Holkham park. SAT NAV NR23 1RH.
  • Coaches - Coaches should follow the concert signs to enter Holkham park at the south gates. NB: No other gates into Holkham park have the width or height to take coaches.  Pedestrians/Cyclists Pedestrians and cyclists travelling from the Wells-next-the-Sea direction can enter Holkham park at the east gates and will need to enter the concert area via the north of the hall. Please be aware that the route to and from the east gate will not be lit so concert-goers are advised to bring their own torch and visibility clothing.


What are the parking facilities? Parking will be on rough parkland with marshals directing the car flow.

How close is the general parking to the arena? The parking area will be approximately 100/150 metres from the arena. Accessible parking will be closer - see below.

Coach parking On arrival coaches will be directed to parking at the top of the south park in a separate area to cars.

Is there parking for people with disabilities and how close is it to the arena? Accessible parking will be available close to the arena but please note all parking is on rough parkland. We are unable to offer mobility scooters. All customers requiring accessible parking need to ensure their tickets are booked through Ticketmaster’s Accessibility Line.

How early can we park? Access to the south park for the concerts will be from 3.30pm when the gates will open.

What time can we go into the arena? Gates to the arena will open from 3.30pm. There is an opportunity to park and enjoy the parkland should you wish.

Is there a parking charge? Parking for the concert in the south park is free of charge. Any vehicles parking in Holkham park to the north of the hall during the day and before 5pm will be subject to the normal £3.00 per day parking charge.

Can I leave my car overnight at Holkham? The estate will not allow any vehicles to be parked overnight in Holkham park.

When you are here for the concert

Is there a support artist/act? The support act is still to be announced.

Is there a designated area for disabled concert-goers or is there a ramp for wheelchair users? Wheelchair users will have a designated area near to the stage with a ramp/platform. Please note that the concert area, including the designated area for disabled concert-goers, is situated on rough parkland. Assistance dogs are permitted in the concert.

Will there be first aid cover? Yes.

Where is the stage? The stage will be situated on the south park at Holkham with Holkham Hall as a backdrop.

What time does the show start and finish? The concert starts at approximately 7.30pm and finishes at approximately 10.15pm.

Will there be concession stands? There will be a selection of caterers selling drinks and food.

Can we bring our own food and drink? Food and drink will be allowed. Please do not bring large picnic equipment i.e. tables.

Can we bring glasses/glass bottles or metal cutlery? No glassware will be allowed in the parkland, only plastic glasses will be allowed. Similarly no metal cutlery or sharp objects will be permitted.

Is there seating inside the venue? There is no seating at all as the venue is a large park with no temporary seats constructed.

Can we bring chairs and/or rugs? Yes, please bring your own foldable canvas chairs or rugs. Only one chair/rug per person can be brought to the concert. No tables or other equipment can be brought into the arena.

Can we bring gazebos/awnings? Yes, gazebos are permitted at the concert however a charge of £30 in advance must be paid at the time of booking via the Live Promotions website - http://livepromotionsconcerts.co.uk/ub40-holkham/4593810715. Please note - we do not hire out gazebos - you are permitted to bring your own and the £30 charge is for the pitch only. There is a limit of 50 pitches.

What is the concert arena like? The concert is outdoors and will be located in the south park at Holkham. The terrain is grass and a tarmac roadway.

What clothing should I wear? The concert will go ahead in rain. Please come prepared if the forecast is for poor weather. Suitable footwear is recommended for grass parkland.

What lavatories will there be? Designated male and female lavatories will be provided and there will also be accessible lavatories. There is no other form of cloakroom. Is photography allowed? The unauthorised use of professional photographic equipment, including the use of drones, is not allowed. Photography taken cannot be used for any commercial purpose. Press passes are issued by the promoters either LHG Live enquiries@lizhobbsgroup.com or Live Promotions info@livepromotions.co.uk

What is the policy on umbrellas if it rains? Prior to the concert starting, small umbrellas will be allowed if it is wet, however no umbrellas will be allowed to remain up once the concert starts as they block the view for the audience. We do not allow larger golfing type umbrellas.

Can we bring our dog? Dogs other than assistance dogs will not be permitted.

Will there be fireworks after the concert? No, there will not be fireworks after the concert.

Can I get mobile phone coverage? There is very limited mobile phone coverage across all networks.

Are there any cash machines in the venue? There are no ATM machines at the venue.

Will there be a contact point regarding lost property after the concert? Enquiries can be made by email to enquiries@holkham.co.uk or in person to Holkham Ticket Office within Holkham park with details of the property lost and relevant contact details. If any property is handed in matching the description provided, you will be contacted accordingly.